School Curriculum


Bickleigh School has adopted the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which has an internationally minded thematic, cross curricular approach and a rigorous teaching structure used in over 50 countries.  It nurtures a love of learning and encourages necessary key skills and personal qualities with an international perspective

Through the Curriculum we teach your child the following subjects:


  • · English
  • · Art and Design
  • · Mathematics
  • · Music
  • · Science
  • · Design and Technology
  • · History
  • · Computing
  • · Geography
  • · Physical Education

As well as this all schools must include Religious Education and daily worship although parents can choose to withdraw their children from these. We also include French for the children across the school.

Bickleigh School staff work hard to implement all aspects of the National Curriculum.

Short policies have been written outlining how we are teaching the subjects listed above and about many other  activities undertaken in school.  These are available to for you to look at.

No pupil is denied access to any part of the curriculum which is broad and balanced.

Some children have special needs and we are proud of the way we cater for these children.  A special programme of work is devised for these children and they may receive additional assistance from teachers or classroom support personnel.  In some cases the curriculum is modified for children with learning difficulties. Alternatively where a child has an ability in a specific aspect of the curriculum this is developed by providing stimulating work at an appropriate level.  Opportunities will be taken for gifted and talented children to work alongside those of similar ability within and beyond the school.


Phonics - We follow the Dfe Scheme 'Letters and Sounds' by using the Phonics Bug Club.

KS1 Reading Scheme - We use the Coloured Book Bands and we assess using PM Benchmark. 


The Rolling Programmes is spread across two years to take into account children staying in one class longer than a year.  The rolling programmes are:


Class 1 -  2016/17 Rolling Programme

Class 2 -  2016/17 Rolling Programme

Class 3 -  2016/17 Rolling Programme

Class 4 -  2016/17 Rolling Programme

Class 5 -  2016/17 Rolling Programme

                 (Click on Rolling Programme to view)

 Parents can gain further information by contacting the school.