Class 2


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Autumn Term 2016


In Class 2, our first topic we will be finding out about ‘Life in the Past’.  The focus of these topic sessions will be on History.  We will be comparing our lives today with how it was in the past, including the childhood of our parents and grandparents.  We will also be finding out about different kinds of animals living in England and comparing them to animals living in other countries.  In school we are lucky to have the environmental area so will be using this for Science and outdoor learning.     

After half term our topic will be ‘Oceans and Seas’.  This topic will be Geography based.  We will be finding out about the world’s continents and waters surrounding them.

There will be daily Maths and English lessons where children will build on and develop their existing skills.  In addition to this, there will also be daily sessions of Handwriting, Spelling, mental Maths and Guided Reading. These daily key skills will target what the class need to progress and support learning across the whole curriculum.

During this second half term we will also be busy learning about Christmas time and preparing for our Christmas performance, alongside Class 1


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