Class 1


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Autumn Term 2016

Class 1’s first topic will be ‘All About Me’.  The children will be learning about themselves and their similarities and differences in comparison to others. Year 1 science will be focused on naming parts of the body and gaining a basic understanding of the senses.  In addition, we shall be basing fictional and non-fictional writing around ‘Goldilocks and the 3 bears’, learning the story with actions and engaging in drama and art activities around this theme.  We will be encouraging the children to learn lots of rhymes, stories and poems in order to develop their story language. We will also be having a big focus on phonics and early writing skills.

Next half term we will move onto the topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’. This topic focuses on celebrations around the world incorporating music and drama. It will culminate in learning about the Christmas story and, with Class 2, we will produce a Christmas performance to which parents and families will be invited. We will also be working on the traditional tale ‘Monkey Say and Monkey Do’ in our literacy which will cross into others area of the curriculum.


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